The Track Cycling Stopwatch can be used to time:

  • Individual and Team: Time Trials, Team Pursuits, Team Sprints
  • Standing 500M or Kilo
  • Flying 200M
  • Flying Lap 
  • Just about any timed event that one may witness at a velodrome

The Solo Pursuit Timers displays the last lap's second and 1/10th of a second and audibly announces them so a sideline coach won't have to hunt for the numbers as the athlete whizzes by. 

The Solo Pursuit Timer also has UCI Tone or Voice countdown features as a 15 second prelude to the stopwatch starting.

The TT Simulator allows you to enter various variables and calculate the resulting time. This is instrumental when deciding optimal gearing and cadence strategies.

You can also use the Cadence Meter function to tap out a rider's pedal strokes to reveal their cadence.

This app can be found in the Apple App Store.